When you think about shed removal there are many different factors that go into planning.  All sheds are created differently; There are metal, wood ,and other sheds that are falling apart and just becoming an eye sore. Each different shed we have to take into consideration the process on which it has to be removed.

As a consumer, I am puzzled and baffled at even beginning to think about having a shed removed. I am imagining a truck coming out and taking the whole shed away in one piece. To my surprise this is not the case. The junk removal team comes out to the property and demolishes the shed. Depending on the type of shed the process may be a little different per case.

In this case, we did this shed removal because some packrats had moved into this families shed.  The family made sure to remove all their contents out of the shed before we came to do the shed removal process. Before we removed the shed we made sure all the packrats were vacated.

First we want to make sure that this is all done safely and professionally. We check to make sure that we have all the proper equipment supplies before start.

We start out by taking the inner siding panels and removing the insulation.  We then proceed to remove the studs holding the shed together. We make sure that everyone is out of the way before this sucker comes down, we sawzall the shed and it comes down! When the shed is demolished ,broken down, and put into the truck to be taken away. We make sure that the area the shed was in ,is in great condition! We make sure that the eye sore to your property is gone.  We take pride in all of the work that we do as a company! Call us today to start your shed removal project started with us!

Shed about to be demolished removing the insulation from the storage building The frame of the shed removal Shed completely collapsed ready for clean up and disposal
This is the area that the shed was located previously. The area has been swept up.