Hot Tub Removal in Tucson

Hot Tub Removal

Hot tub removal takes care and expertise to insure property does not get damaged. The way we remove a hot tub depends upon many factors. Sometimes we can get the hot tub out of your yard by rolling it or using our spa cart to get in our dump trailer without dismantling it. It mostly depends upon the layout of your yard; Narrow fences, pools  that are too close, and low roof lines often make hot tub removal challenging. Most of the time we have to cut up the hot tub and remove it in pieces due to the location in the your yard. Vista Clean Junk Removal is an expert in removing Tucson hot tubs. Our pricing for hot tubs is fairly straight forward. We only need to know how large your spa is; for example 4-6 person or 8-10 person. We use a two man team and most removals are completed within 2-3 hours after we arrive on site. Vista Clean will clean up the area where the hot tub was located whether we cut the tub or haul it out. We will remove any debris that is left from the removal. Is there stagnant water in your hot tub? Not to worry we don’t charge extra to remove the water. If your hot tub has a cabana or shade roof we do have to charge extra for the additional removal. Steps and covers are always included in our hot tub removal quotes. Please let us know if your location does not have access to power. Vista Clean Junk Removal will bring out a generator in order to power our tools for the removal if necessary. Spa removals include the following for our all inclusive pricing. Dismantling / removal of spa, transport to dump, dump fees, fuel and labor.  Call us for current pricing.