Hoarder-House Cleanups in Tucson

Hoarder house cleanout service in Tucson

Hoarder House Clean-out Service in Tucson

When people get too emotionally attached to things they pile up – and push the space, safety, and joy out of a home. Hoarding can lead to infestations, diseases, injuries, fire and other damages. Before it’s too late, you need to realize the problems they pose and hire Vista Clean Junk Removal in Tucson for the hoarder-home cleanup:

Why clean out a hoarder home?

  • Less risk of fire. All the unnecessary things you are hoarding up in your right house know may include flammable substances like clothes, documents, trash, newspapers, magazines, etc. It’s highly possible that these things may flame due to many probable reasons and create a huge fire in your house that’s extremely difficult to extinguish. In case, if this circumstance has already occurred, controlling the fire from spreading out would be a tough task. It would also be impossible to escape the situation since the passageways will be blocked due to fire. And also, the rescue crew would have no access to the interiors.
  • Less risk of injury. It comes as no surprise that all the things you hoard up may cause accidents and injuries to yourself and other people. Anyone can topple over a huge pile of materials, or fall, slip or trip.
  • Avoid damaging the structure. When one piles belongings up to the ceiling and lets the tonnage sit for years, the weight can put strain on the structure (e.g. subfloor and joists), eventually requiring heavy-duty work and costs to fix.
  • It’s easier (or at least possible) to clean. Left unchecked, hoarding in time will make your kitchen, sink, toilet and bathrooms unusable and repulsive.
  • Minimize pests and infestations. Heaps of garbage or even clean hiding spots are “Welcome” mats for rodents, several disease-causing insects, and microbes and bacteria. Once your house is infested or infected or both, it’s nearly impossible to make it healthy again without clearing out everything.  Losing your health over a heap of things you have accumulated is not a good trade.
  • Sanity, breathing room, room to live, and room to enjoy life with any loved ones.

Call Vista Clean Junk Removal in Tucson to ensure your or your family’s safety. We will handle the hoarding cleanout with care and respect.

For additional hoarding assistance in Southern Arizona contact AZ hoarding Task Force


“On time, easygoing, good-humored, efficient, and they offered to do more than we’d asked them to do (i.e., sweep the patio where the 5,271,009 cardboard boxes had been stacked up). Good outfit. Would hire again.” – Patrick Nielsen Hayden (see review on Google Maps)

These guys are amazing! Quick, helpful, hard-working, and thorough at what they do. They were incredibly kind and compassionate in helping my family clear out a really bad house situation. I appreciated their patience and persistence in working with us to get the job done. I would 100% use them again if I ever needed it.” – Kimberly Gorden Lund (see review on Google Maps)

“I used Vista Clean today, 04/07/2018. We called on Thursday about a house we’ve been struggling to clean for months (Horder) and asked when their availability was. They said they could have a couple guys out on Saturday between 9 to 10. We agreed, and Chris showed up at 9 on the dot. My personal estimate was that this job would take two to three days. Chris was extremely nice and understanding, and let me know he’s worked on many other situations like mine. He called in a second truck, and the four people emptied the house by 2 PM. I was completely floored by how fast, professional, and just nice they all were. The house is completely clear now, and I really wish I’d called them months ago. They made me a customer for life. I highly recommend them!!” – Jon Weissman (see review on Google Maps)