Top 10 Tucson Junk Removal's

1) Sofa’s – We move so many sofas / couches it’s not even funny!

2) Refrigerator’s – They break down, hopefully it’s not when you have been on vacation for two weeks. We have removed some awfully stinky refrigerators. FYI most refrigerators weigh between 280-400 lbs,

3) Mattress removal – Often times we remove these when the customer is not even home, Just set it outside we will come do the rest.

4) Yard debris – Good times here in Tucson. Those Paloverde trees sure grow fast! We come prepared to remove that cactus too (ouch)

4) Estate clean outs – We work with a large number of realtors and families when a loved one passes away, we often get the call to rid the home empty of it’s junk.

5) Commercial junk removal – We have done all types of these. Office, retail, & industrial. We specialize pick ups others’ wont touch!

6) Hoarding – We get a lot of calls to come in and assist with hoarder situations these clean ups require care and patience.

7) Hot tub removal – Most of the time these are removed when the homeowners are getting ready to sell the home.

8) Construction debris removal – Pretty self explanatory, gotta watch out for the nails!

9) Lot clearing – When getting ready to sell or just acquired property there is often junk to be removed many times a HUGE amount!

10) Storage clean outs – This is a wild card, we can be removing just about anything for a multitude of reasons.


We hope you enjoyed Vista Clean’s┬áTop Ten Tucson Junk Removals list.