estate clean out

Estate clean outs can be very frustrating and time consuming to handle. Whether you acquire the estate due to a death or if you are handling a estate clean out due a foreclosure we can help you.  When you enter an estate, you think were do I even begin?  Do I start to clean first or do I start figuring out what to do with all the items inside the home?  As I said prior this is a big job for the several people involved and it may feel overwhelming.  At this time you are already emotional, depending on how the estate was acquired.  We want to make your life with the estate process.  We don’t want you to have to think about cleaning up the mess or just clearing out the personal belongings of your loved one.

We start by arriving at the estate on time and with tons of energy to get the job done.  We will go through the home and start to collect items that may have value and other items that are possible for donations or junk removal.  Our men are trained to keep an eye out for these things so you can have peace of mind.  While our men remove the items from the home, we make sure we are doing this with care.  We know that this items may have had value to the person. If there are any donatable items, we will drop them off and get you a tax credit sheet for your donation.    The process goes even faster when you go through the items and separate them before our men show up.  This way our men can grab the clutter and make the process so much faster for you. After all of the clutter has been removed from the home, we offer a basic cleaning service package. For an additional fee we will make sure everything is in good order with basic cleanliness such as; sweeping and moping floors, dusting, clean walls, and any other basic cleaning that needs to be completed.  Our goal is to help you accomplish what you need done.  All while providing efficient,  friendly, and fast service to our customers.