Here in Arizona, there are many reasons why hot tubs don’t last.  Little critters like pack rats love to make nests in anything here in Arizona.  A spa can cost anywhere from 4-10 thousand dollars.  Thats not including the maintenance and anything else that breaks as the years go by.  There are many reasons why I wont keep a jacuzzi’s around; The temperature in the water is the best to allow bacteria to grow and they are very difficult to keep clean and chlorinated.  Sometimes the jacuzzi is just an eye sore or is taking up to much room in the backyard.     Weather the issue if you need to get rid of your hot tub where do you even start?  Does someone come and completely haul the whole thing away?


Vista Clean Junk Removal has men that will come out to the property to properly take apart your spa.  Depending on the size and make of your spa each removal will be different. They are all built differently depending on the manufacturer, others are easier to dismantle than others.   Sometimes depending on the location of the hot tub we have to break down the hot tub in order to get it out of the back yard.  Each case is different, but they will get the job done fast, efficiently, and safely.  Once they have completely broken down of the hot tub, they start to load up all of the mess from the deconstruction of the hot tub.  The one reason why Vista Clean Junk Removal is because they believe in the work they do.  They don’t just come take away junk , they make sure they area looks nice and clean.  For the hard work that they put in , it is well worth the time and money.

Tired of looking at your back yard with a spa that doesn’t work? What’s your excuse now?

hot tub in back yard
pic of former place where hot tub was on property